Health Bloggers Dish: Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point

Have you ever found yourself reading some of the more prominent blogs in the Healthy Living niche and wondered where they got their start? What obstacles have they overcome? What does it take to write an all-star blog that attracts thousands of readers every day?

Chances are if you're reading Health Blog Helper you have in fact thought about these things. I know I have.

If you too have wondered like me, you are in luck. Welcome to a new series here at Health Blog Helper; a little something we like to call Health Bloggers Dish.

This is Alison from Mama's Weeds and I've teamed up with my buddy Matt here to put together a series of guest post interviews from some of the big name bloggers we all know and love – or perhaps a blogger you don't yet know! In either case, trust me that these veteran bloggers know their way around and have left their mark in the healthy blogging community.

The first blogger I invited to be featured in our series was Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point.

Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point and Operation Beautiful

Without further ado, let's jump right in and let Caitlin share what goes on Behind the Blog at Healthy Tipping Point and more recently, Operation Beautiful!

How long have you been blogging?

I began blogging in July 2008.

How many hours a day do you devote to blogging?

At least three.

What helped influence your decision to start blogging and the subjects you blog about?

I read a lot of food and fitness blogs, and then I met Jenna from Eat, Live, Run in real life. We talked a little about blogging and I realized, "Hey, I could do that!" I have a strong professional background in writing so it seemed like a natural fit. I blog about running and food at Healthy Tipping Point because I love those things. I started Operation Beautiful because I really feel like women need something positive in this world.

What was one the earliest lessons you learned about blogging?

Consistency is key. I think my blog grew because I was very dedicated to maintaining a blogging schedule and my readers knew when they could expect new posts. Also, hard work pays off.

What do you think is one of the best ways to gain readers?

Be yourself. Put your own voice into your blog and let people get to know you for who you really are. Also, commenting on other blogs helps increase your visibility. Try to comment in a way that adds to the discussion. Also, try to comment on blogs in "different circles."

Have you made any mistakes along the way?

My biggest technical mistake was not switching to WordPress right away. I'm in the process of switching to WP from Blogger, but I wish I had done it sooner. My biggest personal mistake is letting negative comments get to me emotionally. If you want a popular blog, you are going to have to deal with negative feedback. It's a hard lesson to learn but blogging has definitely given me thicker skin.

How many blogs do you follow?

I have 97 blogs in my reader but I only read 15 or so a day regularly.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new blogger, what would it be?

Don't expect your blog to "explode" in a month. I get so many e-mails that say, "I've been blogging for 3 weeks and no one is reading. Why?" It takes time and dedication to grow your blog. Last year at this time, I had 900 hits a day, and now I have over 10,000. It took a great deal of work to get it to that point, but it was totally worth it. So… my advice is to STICK WITH IT.

The title of your healthy living blog is of course, Healthy Tipping Point – can you put your finger on a "Tipping Point" in the success of your blog? Anything that stands out?

I think the tipping point for my blog was when I transitioned the blog from See Bride Run to Healthy Tipping Point and I began to focus more on writing "homerun posts" (as Matt calls them).

Where do you see your blog(s) 6 months now? 5 years from now?

I hope to always be blogging!

Has it been worth it?

Totally. I have met so many amazing people through blogging, including some of my best friends and I got to plan the Healthy Living Summit. These life experiences far outweigh how many hits I get. I've grown so much as a person through blogging.

And finally, the question everyone wants to know: What fruit or vegetable would you say describes you best? A Florida orange? LOL

Is there anything you'd like to promote while you're here chatting with us?

Operation Beautiful!


Thanks so much Caitlin for taking the time to answer these questions and share the love with the healthy blogging community at large!

I hope you enjoyed today's interview. If this is your first visit to Health Blog Helper be sure to take a look around. Health Blog Helper is a young blog but Matt has already got a nice collection of posts and tips for health bloggers; both new and old bloggers alike.

We've got another fantastic interview lined up for our next installment of Health Bloggers Dish. Stay tuned!


Alison from Mama's Weeds Do you have any burning questions you'd like to have answered by guest bloggers in the future? Send them my way at!
12 Responses to Health Bloggers Dish: Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point
  1. christie, honoring health
    September 21, 2009 | 9:49 am

    I just found this blog yesterday and I love it already. Thanks for sharing such awesome tips! I have learned a ton!
    .-= christie, honoring health´s last blog ..The Grocery Budget =-.

  2. Holly
    September 21, 2009 | 10:27 am

    fabulous interview ms, alison!

  3. Cindy
    September 21, 2009 | 10:35 am

    LOVED your interview!
    and I think this blog is so helpful and informative!

    can't wait for more!
    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..Give me a D =-.

  4. Am I A Runner?
    September 21, 2009 | 12:46 pm

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  5. Lizzy
    September 21, 2009 | 2:12 pm

    Fab job Alison!!!! and of course Caitlin you are such an inspiration! :)
    .-= Lizzy´s last blog ..humid =-.

  6. Andrea@WellnessNotes
    September 21, 2009 | 4:35 pm

    Great interview! :)
    .-= Andrea@WellnessNotes´s last blog ..Pushing Yourself, But Not Too Much =-.

  7. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
    September 21, 2009 | 9:31 pm

    Great interview, Alison! And thanks to Caitlin for her honesty. I actually like that she said it takes her 3+ hrs a day blogging…just proves that success in anything takes time and 20 mins a day ain't gonna cut it. No wonder I feel like I spend a ridic amt of time just blogging, blog surfing, comment replying to others, etc.

    And great forum, Matt! I had no idea this blog existed…but I do now, thank you!
    .-= Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)´s last blog ..Weekend Recap & Raw Vegan Apple Carrot (Pan)Cakes =-.

  8. Lori-pure2raw
    September 22, 2009 | 11:37 am

    Great interview. You two will do a great job with this series. I am excited to read more. I think time and persistence is key, that is what I learned in my sales classes during school. I agree with being yourself on the blog too, that makes it more real!
    .-= Lori-pure2raw´s last blog ..What are the best – Snacks for kids =-.

  9. Sarah @ See Sarah Eat
    September 22, 2009 | 2:57 pm

    Thank you for featuring Caitlin in this series. She is one of my favorite bloggers and I find her tips to be very helpful. Blogging definitely takes time, patience and dedication, all things she exemplifies. Great post!
    .-= Sarah @ See Sarah Eat´s last blog ..Cold and flu season =-.

  10. Laura
    September 22, 2009 | 3:42 pm

    Great Interview, Caitlin!

    I love your blog and it (plus a few others) inspired me to start my own……..which totally surprises me as I did not even know what "blogging" was until this year! =O Laura
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Lesson Learned Monday! =-.

  11. Paige
    September 24, 2009 | 12:28 pm

    Great interview! I love the part about putting your own voice in your blog :)
    .-= Paige´s last blog ..Bachelorette Pad =-.

  12. Mary
    September 24, 2009 | 5:00 pm

    I LOVE Healthy Tipping Point and read it everyday! This is such a great article and great advice too! Very excited to follow Caitlin's next journey! Thanks too to Matt for putting together such a helpful site with so many wonderful idea's and tips, I am a regular reader and am really thankful, I think the advice is insightful and from such an honest place. Keep the posts coming! Mary
    .-= Mary ´s last blog ..Wedge Wednesdays: Indonesian Salad with Peanut Sauce =-.

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